Our profession; our methods

Headhunting… is a genuine profession, requiring the deployment of a true methodology. Our Consultants can tell you about it, accurately and enthusiastically! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Avantage Consulting is a Recruitment Consultancy using the Direct Approach method. That makes us what’s commonly called « headhunters ».

Our profession:

  • Recruitment Consultancy – Direct Approach – Headhunters
  • Business sector: Energy engineering: Air conditioning, Electricity
  • 96% of our tasks over the last 12 months have been carried out using the Direct Approach method.
  • We also keep a constant sourcing watch by monitoring the largest general-purpose or specialist databases.

During 2008, we became the Number One consultancy specialising in the Renewable Energy field.

Our methods:

  • Analyse requirements
  • Define the approach strategy
  • Approach candidates
  • Identify suitable people
  • Carry out interviews
  • Draw up the shortlist
  • Check « professional experience » and verify references
  • Introduce candidates and client
  • Assist with decision-making
  • Manage the notice period for the selected candidate
  • Follow-up