logo-rh-advisor-2014A RECRUITMENT consultancy, using direct approach methods, specialising in the HVAC sector.

  • Area we cover:
  • Two keys to understanding Avantage Consulting:
    • Ours is a recruitment consultancy in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.
    • Our search method is based on direct approach, also known as headhunting.For ten years now, we have remained faithful to our strategy and our positioning. We provide support for companies of all sizes, from major groups to SMBs, dealing with the problem of recruitment. Our clientele consists of manufacturers, retailers, installation and/or maintenance firms, design and engineering consultancies, as well as building contractors, and so on.Our clients engage us to fill posts for technicians, engineers, marketing executives and sales engineers, as well as middle and top management posts.We are at home in every energy-related recruitment sector: not only in fossil fuels (oil and gas) and electricity, but also in the fields of new and renewable energy sources, such as biomass, wind, thermal and photovoltaic solar power, and so on.We have carried through a great many recruitment tasks involving the principle of high performance in the energy field in all its diversity and universality.The scope of our actions is focused on France and neighbouring European countries.

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The sectors in which we are active: air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electricity, regulation, Building Management Systems, energy efficiency and management, new and renewable energy sources, energy from fossil fuels, nuclear, oil and gas, solar, photovoltaic, wind, biomass, and on and on.

Our clients: construction firms, manufacturers, installers, maintenance firms, design consultancies, distributors, engineering firms, building contractors, project management consultants, and more.

Our services to applicants: establishing contact for the best job opportunities; selecting the best posts available.