Scales of Charges

Might we be original enough to be one of the very (too) rare consultancies to broach this subject? We at least think that this aspect ought to be covered, in the interests of transparency.

  • Our charges for recruitment tasks are calculated on the basis of decisive criteria such as:
    • The nature of the post(s) to be filled.
    • The geographical location of the post.
    • The level of qualifications and skills required.
    • The demand for additional skills (e.g. bilingual or trilingual working).
    • The rarity of the profile sought.
    • The search for dual competencies.
  • To be more precise, our charges are calculated based on the annual remuneration of the candidate sought, with an applicable coefficient ranging from 20% to 28% depending on various criteria enabling us to evaluate the tariff.
    This evaluation is provided for guidance only, and so is not contractually binding. Only one of our consultants, after an analysis of your task, is authorised to confirm its financial conditions.
  • We can provide you with a highly adaptable offering depending on your recruitment requirements:
    • One-off Recruitment
    • Custom Contract
    • Phased or Multiple Recruitments
    • Executive Agreement
    • Recurring Recruitments
    • Constant Headhunt