Your advantages

When you call upon Avantage Consulting, you get the benefit of our joint skills:

  1. Recruitment via the Direct Approach method
  2. Our thorough knowledge of the Energy Sector and its skill set
    • We know your business sector intimately.
    • We meet hundreds of candidates every year.
    • We maintain a library of several thousand candidate CVs, every one of them active in your professional field.
    • Avantage Consulting’s consultants are experts in at least two fields: the profession AND recruitment.
    • Avantage Consulting’s executive search agents are « headhunting » professionals, who spend 100% of their time on the tasks with which you entrust us.
    • We can speed up and broaden your potential and your recruitment procedures.
    • We can promote your company’s image within our whole list of candidate contacts.
    • We respect the ethical rules governing our profession, in particular discretion and confidentiality.
    • We provide guarantees covering all the tasks you may entrust to us.
    • Our references are evidence of our personal and professional skills, which enable us to become a genuine partner.
    • We maintain complete transparency in our scale of charges.

Avantage Consulting in figures: CV Library as at march 2021

+++++ over 91 500 CVs of potential candidates in our in-house database +++++

+++++ composed entirely of professionals in the Energy Sector +++++