Your guarantees

  • Avantage Consulting’s consultants maintain absolute confidentiality regarding all the information referring to you.
  • Our commitment to confidentiality has no time limits.
  • Avantage Consulting unfailingly respects all the ethical rules underpinning our profession.
  • All our recruitment tasks are subject to contractual commitments that confirm our obligations.
  • Avantage Consulting undertakes not to use a direct approach to candidates employed by any client   firm or partner company.
  • Should dossiers for candidates who are employees of a client firm fall into the hands of Avantage Consulting (through information passed on, advertisements, the Internet, or another channel), Avantage Consulting undertakes to make no use of them and to take no further action.
  • Furthermore, Avantage Consulting also gives a guarantee to candidates that it will never inform their current employers, whether or not a client, about their application. In this way, Avantage Consulting reinforces the atmosphere of calmness and professionalism that is every bit as profitable for client firms as for candidates.
  • All our recruitment tasks are described on a clear, accurate scale of charges, with no hidden costs.
  • All candidates recruited through Avantage Consulting are subject to a specific guarantee period. Should the candidate leave during this period, Avantage Consulting undertakes to resume the recruitment task so as to compensate for this departure. The duration of our guarantee is established depending on the nature of the post to be filled, and is at the very least based on the duration of the probationary period.

We wish to thank our clients for their loyalty, which has enabled us to develop in this way.

We also wish to thank our teams for their hard work and commitment!